Outdoor Nation Expo Website Launch

The Outdoor Nation Expo website launch represents a new milestone for Deep Fork Productions. In 2021 we made the decision to delve into digital content creation and Deep Fork web design services and our first client website is live!

The Outdoor Nation Expo team approached us wanting a complete website overhaul and like always, we were excited for the challenge.  This build included everything needed for a basic brand website launch. Full website creation from the ground up, graphic design support, copywriting, digital video content, and search engine optimization.  As an outdoor industry media company we felt we were uniquely qualified to deliver them a world-class website.

About the services we are providing

Digital Video Content

This client really wanted their landing page to pop, so we had our in-house hunting video production team build them a custom sizzle reel to be the background of the header on their landing page.  The video has no sound to help with loading speed and automatically starts each time they get a new visitor to their home-page.

Graphic Design Services

Web Design Services

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

"Within 24 hours of Deep Fork Productions optimizing our SEO we started seeing a noticeable increase in our website traffic" ~ ONE Marketing Team

Ongoing Services

We’re grateful to have Outdoor Nation Expo choose us to be their website design team.  We think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship and we look forward to delivering top-notch web design and digital content.