Anglers from all over the country and every skill level, descend on Lake Fork, Texas every March for the Skeeter Bass Champs 2022 Mega Bass fishing tournament series. This single day-tournament series features the best bass fishing action in the world, and our fishing tournament video production team will be there to capture all the excitement on video. From the early morning launches to the last-minute weigh-ins where the angler that catches the biggest bass will be handed the keys to the brand new Skeeter Bass Boat, we were there to document every moment of the tournament. We also interviewed some of the anglers and got their thoughts on the competition, the lake, and what it takes to be a successful bass fisherman. Whether you’re a die-hard angler or just a casual fishing fan, we think you’ll enjoy our video highlights from the tournament. Thank you for watching!

Deep Fork Productions fishing tournament video production team covers the 2022 Mega Bass on Lake Fork!

Deep Fork Productions is honored to be the official video production company of the 2022 Skeeter Bass Champs tournament series. We are proud to be a part of such prestigious fishing events and we are looking forward to capturing all the excitement on film. Skeeter Bass Champs are some of the most anticipated events of the year, and we are committed to providing our viewers with a front-row seat. We will be following the fishing competition closely and we will be interviewing the participants in order to get their unique perspectives on the event. In addition, we will be filming behind the scenes in order to give our viewers an inside look at all the preparations that go into making the Fishing Tournament a success. We are thrilled to be the video production company for each event and we cannot wait to share the full length episodes.

Next up we’re sending production teams to Lake Amistad, in Del Rio Texas!  We will be covering the 1st and 2nd place team in the race for Angler of the Year in that division!

Samples of the Deep Fork Productions fishing tournament video production.

Fishing tournament video production is one of our favorite projects! We love to show off all of the great videos that we have been able to produce. Skeeter Bass Champs is one of the best fishing competitions out there and we are always excited to see what new and exciting things they have in store for us. We have a few teases of what’s to come with Skeeter Bass Champs, and we can’t wait to display many more of the high-quality videos that we have been able to produce. Stay tuned for more information on the Fishing Video Production of the Skeeter Bass Champs tournament series.

Our Mega Bass Sizzle Reel

The Fishing Tournament Video Production had it all. Drama, suspense, and an ending many won’t soon forget. It was an exciting event to watch and the video does it justice. The video captures all the key moments of the tournament and tells the story of how it unfolded. From the early moments of preparation to the final moments of triumph, the video captures the essence of what made this fishing tournament so special. This was a great tournament and we are proud to have been a part of it. Thank you for watching!

For complete tournament results please check here.

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We thoroughly enjoy working with the Skeeter Bass Champs Team.  If you want to connect with them and learn more about their tournament you can find them here:

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