Learn About Our Outdoor Media Production Team

Our Outdoor Media Production Team

As a Marine Corps Veteran Owned Business, Deep Fork Productions strongly believes in a team to accomplish a goal.  Our outdoor media production team is comprised of several well seasoned professionals in the outdoor industry.  They each have many years of experience in post production, 3D animation, motion graphics, logo design, graphic design, website design, photography, videography, marketing and much more.  Our Team is constanty learning to keep up with technology and to better serve your needs.  Each team member has the latest equipment to get the job done.  As our customer you will understand that we are a “full service” production company!

Our Process

Deep Fork Productions strives to create an original product that will set you apart from your competitors.  You will find our entire hunting video production and fishing video production teams collaborating with every project to bring you a dynamic outcome.  With our process and approach your TV Show or company will flourish in the outdoor market.  No matter what your budget or time frame is we will provide you the best service based on honesty and integrity!   

Jerred Eversole

Owner / Executive Producer
Jerred Eversole is the Owner and Executive Producer of Deep Fork Video Productions LLC.  He founded DFP in 2011 after a career in the U.S. MarineCorps and Law Enforcement.  
Over the past 10 years Jerred has built Deep Fork Productions from a concept to a national recognized outdoor media company.  As an Executive Producer he organizes a team comprised of dozens of trained videographers and editors to produce well over 100 projects a year for networks such as the Discovery Channel, World Fishing Network, Sportsman Channel, Pursuit Channel and many other regional broadcast and digital networks.  
Jerred is also an accomplished videographer, photographer, and editor and has taught over 300 individuals how to be outdoor videographers.  He takes pride in staying on top of the new technology and techniques to make his clients projects stand out.  He also makes sure his team in the office or in the field has the best equipment to succeed.  
Jerred grew up hunting and fishing in rural Oklahoma so he knows the lifestyle of the outdoors.  He takes that passion he learned early on and throughout his life to make Deep Fork Productions clients projects be accurate and complete.  He has always believed that if someone has a dream or idea, Deep Fork Productions would do everything possible to see it through.

Nick D. Simon

Digital Designer

Nick Simon started his career by enlisting in the United States Army as a Combat Medic.  He delivered life-saving medical treatments while serving as a line medic during combat operations in Afghanistan in 2006 and Iraq from 2007-2009.  After receiving an honorable discharge from the Army Nick continued to serve his community as a municipal firefighter and entrepreneur. Later he went on to serve in the Department of the Army again, this time as a DA civilian firefighter at the Ft. Polk Army installation.

Nick graduated from the University of Tulsa with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing. With over 15 years of graphic and web design experience, Nick serves as the head of the website development team at Deep Fork Productions. 

Nick developed his love for the outdoors on the waters of Toledo Bend and in the Kisatchie Nation Forest during his military service. He channels his passion for hunting and fishing when creating graphic design, outdoor industry websites, and digital content. During his free time, you can find him backpacking, camping, and actively involved in volunteering with the Veterans of Foreign Wars, as well as being a loving father and husband.

Matt Willis


Born in Tulsa, OK, Matt has been an outdoorsman for the majority of his life. He started bow fishing at a young age and the hobby quickly grew into hunting anything he legally could. His passion is bow hunting for big mature whitetails. He loves the pursuit of an old mature buck and everything that goes into the process of getting to seal the deal. He began filming his hunts at a young age, which turned into taking the filming to a whole new level. He has filmed hunts on multiple outdoor tv shows, all while self-filming.

He began learning the skill of editing in order to tell the story of his outdoors experiences, and has since been editing for Deep Fork Production and helping tell the story of other outdoorsman and woman’s passion for the outdoors.

Kristen Eversole

Office Manager

Kristen has been by Jerred’s side since the initial thought of creating the company.

She loves to hunt, fish, and just be in the outdoors. She has traveled with Jerred all over the U.S. taking turns filming and hunting. She is also an accomplished Travel Agent that takes great pride in sending her clients on their dream vacation or a simple get-away. As an independent travel agent, Kristen opened the first franchise within Vincent Vacations. She has placed in the top 12 of travel agents and the agency is the top Travel Agency in Oklahoma. Kristen enjoys volunteering around the community and schools from helping the teachers to being a dug-out mom keeping little league players in line.

Seth Garrett


Seth Garrett is a videographer and editor with over 15 years of experience in the industry. He graduated from Missouri State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Film Production, and he has been working in the storytelling and video production space ever since.


He fell in love with film-making at a young age, watching countless documentaries and movies with his parents. He took that fascination for telling human stories and built a hobby and career around it, working for individual proprietors and large companies alike. Today, he lives in Tulsa with his wife Sofie – who is also his biggest fan and supporter. When he’s not filming or editing, Seth enjoys spending time enjoying the outdoors, watching films, and reading.