Fishing Video Production

We don't just produce fishing videos, we're regular viewers of outdoor video content.

One of the reasons we love fishing video production so much is because we get to tell the kinds of stories that all fishermen love to hear and share those stories with the rest of the world! We’ve worked with dozens of fishing charters and hundreds of anglers all across the globe in pursuit of capturing the best fishing video content.  As fans we do more than document fishing tournaments, we actively follow their results and keep up with angler’s standings.

Fishing Video Production for Television

Fishing is more than an industry, it's a lifestyle, & filming it is no different!

We know what it takes to film fishing out on the water.  Our production team is specially equipped for and highly experienced in shooting marine videography.  From the first cast of the day, to setting hooks, netting, weighing, and measuring… our experience as anglers gives us the insight needed to get the shots fisherman want to see.  Our camera operators are at home filming on angler’s boats, in chase boats, on docks, and from the air with drones. 

A Full-Service Fishing Video Production Team

We Have Experience With Documenting and Editing All Types of fishing events. From the Shore, on the Water, From Chase Boats, to Drone Footage and Everything In-Between

Pre Production and Production



Before any of the logistics are covered, we always focus on story and audience. This means interview questions, shotlists, sponsor considerations, and script-sessions to create a cohesive story out of every fishing event. There is a saying in the film industry, “Story Is King.”

The strength of the storytelling is what will capture your audience. 

Fishing Video Production

On the Water Fishing Production

Producing fishing television and video content has taken us all over the continental U.S. and abroad. We have produced everything from fast-paced Bass and Redfish tournaments for TV to quiet and beautiful fly-fishing for the internet. 

Fishing Video Production In Studio

Studio Production

We are able to travel with our studio equipment and setup anywhere for clean interviews and photography while on the road. 

Post Production, Editing, Fishing Product Testing

Fishing Video Production

Post Production /
Video Editing

As a turn-key production house, many of our projects are with us from the first ideas through final delivery. Additionally, we offer post production services as an editing house for other fishing television shows or individual creators looking to speed up their own post production workflows. We have handled just the post production for a number of fishing TV shows and various fishing YouTube channels.


Fishing Videography /
Fishing Cinematography

Maybe you don’t have a fishing TV show or a Youtube channel, but you just booked the deep sea fishing trip of a lifetime. Now, y0u want to capture it all on video to remember it forever. We would love to come along and capture that!

Maybe you want to start a fishing Youtube Channel and don’t want to invest in all the gear. We are happy to produce your fishing digital content.

Fishing Video Production Pre Production

Advertisements /
Product Testing & Review Videos

Consumers are four times as likely to watch a product video, rather than read about it. We create TV and web ads on a daily basis. Additionally, we do product testing and review videos for an entire roster of fishing products.  If you do not have established brand ambassadors our team works with angler-influencers who can give comprehensive on-camera testing and reviews for your products.

Outdoor Media and Fishing Video Production


Lodging and Resort Coverage

An outfitter operation that offers amazing lodging needs to show it off in video!  We’ve documented everything from scenic cabins to lavish resorts.  Because of this, we’re experts in creating lodging videos that sell.

Feature your world-class fishing amenities on your homepage. Then, watch your booking rates increase!

Fishing Video Production

Outfitter Promotional Videos /
Fishing Guide Advertisements

Increase interest in your charter services with top-of-the-line fishing guide advertising and promotional videos.  We deliver fishing guides and outfitters videos that are effective at  informing their customer base and selling their services. 

Contact us to get you started on your fishing video production project!

We’d love to hear about your production requirements and deliver a custom bid/quote for your specific needs!

Some samples of our work

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