Enjoy Outdoor Nation Expo 2022 | Meet the DFP Production Team, and enjoy all things outdoors!

We’ll be doing meet and greets, consulting with clients, and recording awesome digital content at the Outdoor Nation Expo 2022 this weekend, Aug 12th-13th. Come find us and say hello!

We love the outdoors. Now we want you to experience all it has to offer!

O.N.E has it all - Fishing, hunting, shooting. You name it.

As a company, Deep Fork focuses on capturing the lifestyle and beauty of the outdoors. Whether we’re capturing footage of professional fisherman at the top of their game or braving the untamed wilds with hunters in their favorite pass-time; we thrive in capturing stories of the outdoors. 

If you want to experience all of that excitement for yourself and your family, come on down to the expo and celebrate the outdoors with us! Countless vendors are waiting to demonstrate their craft for you, and many will even let you participate in the action. Here’s a couple of highlights from the show!

Army Bass Anglers – Let the kids brush up their fishing skills in Army Bass Anglers fishing tank! Experienced fisherman recognized at a national level will be at the expo, showing families how to up their game and teaching kids the importance of having fun outdoors. Comprised of mostly active duty Soldiers, Army Bass Anglers is a charitable organization with the goal to raise awareness and generate support for some very noteworthy charitable causes and events. Come fish with us and support some great causes too — HOOAH!

Thermal Sales of Oklahoma – Your sights feel a little off on your firearm? Maybe you’re wanting to hunt deep into the night, but have no way to see your targets. If these sound familiar to you or your curious about expanding your hunts, come check out Thermal Sale of Oklahoma. A leading supplier of thermal optics and night vision accessories with an unbeatable price match guarantee. They’ll answer all your questions about optics and give you an edge on your next outdoors adventure.

About the Outdoor Expo:


Aug 12th 2022 1:00pm – 9:00pm

Aug 13th 2022 10:00am – 9:00pm


Location Firelake Arena | Shawnee, OK

Hosting Hotel: Grand Casino Resort

Links to their digital platforms:

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