Buck Hunting Video Production | Case Study

Army Buck Hunters
Season 4

We’d like to highlight one of our best Buck Hunting Video Production clients, our friends over at Army Buck Hunters! Army Buck Hunters is an outdoor and hunting television program on the Sportsman Channel showcasing service members with a passion for the outdoors. These men and women support and motivate fellow service members to hunt and experience the outdoors all across the country. SUPPORT. DEFEND. HUNT.

Buck Hunting Video Production Requirements.

Army Buck Hunters is a tournament competition television show, with the service members participating in a variety of hunts.  The types of hunts they go on depends on how well they compete in a marksman challenge. Thus, each episode has two parts… a shooting range competition, and the live game hunts that follow.

It was important to the ABH staff that the shooting competition portion of every episode must be exciting and engaging.  Additionally, it should be easy to follow from episode to episode. Viewers need to be right in the action, both in the shooting along with the hunting. On top of documenting the action, it is incredibly important that the hunters are showcased as responsible and skilled. This was the hunting videography challenge before Deep Fork Productions, all along with actively showcasing the service members as they experience a wide range of scenarios, emotions, and obstacles while hunting. 

Buck hunting Video Production
Buck Hunting Video Production

Buck Hunting Video Solutions:

Our approach to filming Army Buck Hunters, is to present the show in the most realistic manner possible without sacrificing creativity. We view it as our responsibility to create an enjoyable hunting show that celebrates buck hunting, marksmanship and the outdoors through every episode. The Deep Fork Production team dedicated time to develop a production and post production strategy to film, edit, and provide a completely unique product for Army Buck Hunters. Each episode differs from the next, we strive to avoid making a cookie cutter show. 


The outdoors and hunting are an ever changing entity, and as such we adapt to tell the story of those that take part in it. 


Pre-production planning
Preping for Buck Hunting Video Production


Buck Hunting Cameraman
Outdoor Videography at the shooting range


Buck Hunting Lower Thirds
ABH Season 4 Lower Thirds/Title