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PrimeTime Taxidermy Website Design Project Introduction

At Deep Fork Productions, we specialize in creating innovative outdoor web designs tailored to the unique needs of our clients. Our latest project, PrimeTime Taxidermy, showcases our expertise in developing an online presence for an independent taxidermist named Amy McTague. Based in Stroud, Oklahoma, PrimeTime Taxidermy needed a comprehensive online solution that included:

We are excited to share our journey in developing the perfect taxidermy web design for Amy’s growing business.

Collaboration and Ideation for Taxidermist Website Design

Our collaboration with Amy McTague began with an in-depth understanding of her needs and vision for PrimeTime Taxidermy. In the world of outdoor web design, it’s crucial to capture the essence of the business while also appealing to a niche audience. Through brainstorming sessions and open communication, we developed a clear concept for the taxidermy web design that would not only showcase Amy’s skills but also create a user-friendly experience for her customers.

Taxidermy Logo Creation

The logo design for PrimeTime Taxidermy was carefully crafted to reflect the unique blend of artistry and professionalism that defines Amy’s work. As experts in outdoor web design, we ensured that the logo resonated with the target audience while also communicating the essence of Amy’s services. The final design is a perfect representation of her business, capturing the attention of potential clients and setting the tone for the entire website.

Google Business Listing Creation

A crucial part of any outdoor web design project is ensuring that the business is visible and accessible to potential customers. We call this search engine optimization (SEO) in the creative world. To achieve this for PrimeTime Taxidermy, we created and optimized a Google Business listing that highlights the essential information about the business, including location, hours, and contact details. This listing is an integral aspect of the taxidermy web design project, allowing Amy’s potential clients to easily find and connect with her services.

Instagram Integration for Taxidermy Web Design

In the age of social media, integrating Instagram into the taxidermy web design was a vital element in promoting Amy’s work and expanding her online reach. By seamlessly incorporating her Instagram feed into the website, we were able to showcase her portfolio, engage with potential clients, and demonstrate her expertise in the field of outdoor web design.

Email, Hosting, and Security Setup

The final stage of our collaboration involved setting up secure email and hosting services, which are essential for the smooth operation of any online business. As experts in taxidermy web design, we prioritized website security to protect Amy’s valuable content and customer data. Our team also ensured that the website was hosted on a reliable and fast server, guaranteeing optimal performance for users visiting the PrimeTime Taxidermy site.

Responsive Design

In today’s digital landscape, a responsive design is crucial for any outdoor web design project. We can discuss how our team created a mobile-friendly taxidermy web design that provides an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. This ensures that Amy’s clients can access her website and services with ease, regardless of their preferred device.

Outdoor Search Engine Optimization

An essential aspect of a successful website is its visibility on search engines. The outdoor SEO strategies implemented for PrimeTime Taxidermy’s website, ensuring that it ranks higher in search results for relevant keywords, such as “PrimeTime Taxidermy.” Both our on-site and off-site SEO efforts work together to raise her SEO score. This helps drive organic traffic to the website and increases the chances of attracting potential clients.

PrimeTime Taxidermy Website Launch

The culmination of our efforts resulted in the successful launch of PrimeTime Taxidermy’s new website. This state-of-the-art taxidermy web design showcases Amy’s exceptional work while providing her customers with a seamless user experience. With the perfect blend of outdoor web design expertise and attentive collaboration, Deep Fork Productions delivered a website that not only met but exceeded Amy McTague’s expectations.


At Deep Fork Productions, we pride ourselves on our ability to create outdoor web designs that capture the essence of our clients’ businesses while also delivering a functional and engaging user experience. Our work with PrimeTime Taxidermy demonstrates our commitment to excellence in taxidermy web design, ensuring Amy’s business will continue to thrive in the digital age.