Force on Force - Army Buck Hunters Season 4

Premiering on the Sportsman Channel

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Army Buck Hunters Season 4 Force on Force is on the air at the Sportsman Channel. This is the first year for Deep Fork Productions to produce Force on Force, and we are excited to add our hunting video production team’s distinct and signature style to this entertaining hunting and shooting competition television show.

Army Buck Hunters Force on Force covers the action as active duty, veteran, and retired US military personnel compete in a single elimination shooting tournament format, with the winners of each round getting to take part in an award hunt. There are eight competitors striving to be awarded the trophy buck hunt at the end of the season, along with a number of other exciting prizes. Each episode that we produce documents a head to head match up between two competitors, with one competitor being eliminated each episode until a champion is crowned. 

Will the title be taken for the first time by an officer? Will the first woman be crowned? Will the returning champion become the first 2-time champ? Tune in starting March 28th to the Sportsman Channel to find out.

This season features representatives from four branches of the US military. These are your season 11 competitors:

  • Cody Roberson – Army
  • Jake Whiteside – Army
  • John Carroll – Air Force 
  • Josh Schmidt – Army
  • Rick Bradley – Army
  • Steven Stuckey – Army
  • Tashina Appling – Army
  • Tim Green – Army

Army Buck Hunters Season 4 is just one of the outdoor video production projects that Deep Fork Productions shares with the Force on Force team!

We’re proud of our work on Army Buck Hunters Season 4, and we even wrote a short buck hunting video case study about the project.  On top of that, we are also working on Army Hog Hunters and just recently wrapped on the latest season of Army Bass Anglers. We love these hunting videography projects and look forward to bringing our magic to each episode of the Force on Force series of television shows.