We specialize in hunting videography and hunting cinematography.

When it comes to art, style is a key component. Everyone has heard the statement, “more than one way to skin a cat” and when it comes to visual storytelling, that old adage still rings true. One of the first questions our hunting video production team asks prospective clients is, “what do you want it to look/sound/feel like?”  The best way to determine whether to go with Deep Fork’s Hunting Videography package versus our Hunting Cinematography bundle is to borrow another famous maxim. “Good artists copy; great artists steal.” Show us some examples of what your company likes and we can imitate that with our own signature style!

-By the way, it was none other than Pablo Picasso who said “great artists steal”

Hunting Videography vs Hunting Cinematography, what's the difference?!

It may seem like pure semantics, however, when we delineate between Hunting Videography and Hunting Cinematography, what we really mean is “raw documentary style” versus “refined documentary style.”

Hunting Videography
Documenting the world as it is | Straightforward video recordings.

When we say “videography” what we mean is “raw documentary style”. We capture what happens and tell the story in all its honest truth. Whether you are looking to document a rare trophy-hunt opportunity or feature your company or brand’s products in the field, one of the most tried and true ways to do it is unfiltered and straight-forward documentation. This decision will depend heavily on your personal taste and the demographic to which your company is marketing. Deep Fork Productions has delivered measurable results with hunting videography for outdoor industry professionals for over a decade. Just like everything in life, each choice has its pro’s and con’s. The run-and-gun method, as fun as it is, can leave some artistry on the table in exchange for precise in-field product display and succinct communication of your message. Maximum artistry is where Deep Fork’s Hunting Cinematography option shines.

Hunting Cinematography
Painting a world as we see it | Creative camera work.

Deep Fork’s Cinematography, or “refined documentary style,” package offers a more conceptualized and carefully crafted story around your hunt. Both packages are technically done in documentary format, it’s just that our cinematography bundle captures deeper emotion and explores concepts more thoroughly than our videography package.  Think about some of the ad campaigns for outdoor industry companies that you know where they released a series of short films that showcased products in a super “artsy” way.


"What kind of Outdoor Documentary Style Do I Need?"

When it comes to hunting cinematography versus hunting videography, it all comes down to your objective and your budget. Producing a hunting film in the vein of outstanding camera work and creativity takes more time and attention to detail. Another great way to explain it is like this.  

  • Videography with Deep Fork is run-and-gun, fly by the seat of your pants, high speed low drag, quick entry/egress, get-what-you-get guerrilla style filmmaking. It’s fast, raw, and off-the-cuff.
  • Cinematography with Deep Fork is a slow burn. We gather intel. We do reconnaissance. We write a script around your story and take our time envisioning the shots and sequences that will tell your story.

We recommend our Hunting Cinematography option for companies and brands looking to establish a bulletproof brand identity and connect with their audience on a deeper level. Or, if you are an individual who has the budget for the most amazing hunting video any of your friends have ever seen, this option is a great way to go!

Hunting Videography & Filming the Outdoors.

To capture that perfect hunting video content you need a passion for film, and the right tools for the job. Videography can help by giving beautiful pictures of your outdoorsy adventures which will last a lifetime! Whether it’s capturing sunsets over oceans or hunting bears in Alaska- your content looks good no matter what thanks to our effective cinematography. By using the right combination of video equipment, carefully selected shot placement, and high-quality editing, our videographers can create stunning videos that evoke emotion and tell a story. Deep Fork Productions is passionate about producing amazing videos that capture your hunting trips and events in all their glory

Hunting Videographer Outdoor Cinematographer

Setting up to take the perfect shot.

To hunt successfully, you must know your ground, your pack, and your quarry.
~KJ Parker

Anyone who’s ever tried to take a video outdoors knows that it can be a challenge. The wind can wreak havoc on your audio, and the sun can make it difficult to see the screen. Plus, if you’re trying to take a video of something moving, like wildlife or hunters, you need to be able to keep the camera steady. With wildlife videography, it’s important to be patient and take your time. It might take a while to get the perfect shot, but in the end, you or your company will be thrilled with the results.

Our camera operators take as much care setting up for shooting video as a hunter does before harvesting. 

We are a turnkey hunting videography company that specializes in everything from filming guided hunts, events, and tournaments, to promotional videos for hunters, outfitters, and hunting guides.

Deep Fork Productions has Experience With Trophy Hunt Videos and all types Hunting Videography | From safari, to helicopter hunts, to ground stalking, to blinds, and just about any other hunting conditions.

How Deep Fork Makes World Class Hunting Videos.

Outdoor Video Production Pre Production

Get the right gear!

Top-end and speciality videography equipment is essential for videographers capture high-quality in-field footage. This type of equipment includes cameras, lenses, tripods, reflectors, audio mics, lighting gear, and other accessories. (That doesn’t even mention all the gear necessary to shoot in adverse weather and field conditions!) In order for Deep Fork Productions to produce top-notch videography we know just how essential it is to have the right equipment.  When documenting you or your company’s hunting content, we stay current with up-to-date industry practices and gear.

Hunting Video Production Infield

Take amazing shots! (with your camera!!)

Here at Deep Fork Productions, we pride ourselves in capturing the best shots with our videography.  Here are a few tips that can help you take yours or your company’s hunting videos to the next level. First, think about the composition of your shot. What do you want to include in the frame? What do you want to leave out? Second, pay attention to the lighting. Natural light can be beautiful, but it can also be very harsh. Try to position yourself so that the light is behind you, or use a reflector to bounce some light back into your shot. Third, be patient.
Our team is comprised of experts at these practices, as well as many other advanced videographer techniques. 

Hunting Video Production Studio

Use professional video editing!

Deep Fork Productions is the perfect video editing solution for hunters and outdoorsmen. We offer a wide range of video editing services to help you capture your perfect hunt or outdoor adventure. Our team of experts will work with you or your company to create a custom video that you will be proud to share with your viewers, customers, clients, friends, and family.

Whether you’re looking to create a highlights reel of your best hunts, or a full length documentary of your most epic adventures, we have the skills and experience to make it happen.

Contact us to get started on your hunting videography project.

Samples of our Hunting Videography

DFP Hunting Demo Reel
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